Monday, July 21, 2014

Pics and words from Rodney

Finally together after Rodney received his bike just before having to leave the country for a few months for business. He writes:

Thanks for the amazing bike. It's exceeding my expectations for sure. I thought I was crazy buying another rigid, but I can't get over how smooth it rides. I thought the thin fork blades I went with would have brake chatter issues, but man is it solid and somehow still so resilient. No more numb hands and fatigued arms! That is one thing I can't get over. Pure magic.
Handling is so spot on and predictable. It's just been a blast.
Awesome room in back for the 2.4s on 35 mm wide rims. No heel strikes either! The curved fork, seat stays, down tube and seat tube are sexy as hell.
Bike came in at 20 lb 13 oz!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lance - done, plus geometry geek-out

Lance wanted to hit his local (twisty, tight midwest ST) as well as use this bike for gravel races and the occasional more-techy cross race. So we had to try to cram in a decent sized tire along with a 36t chainring - no easy task.

-71.5 degree HTA, 44mm offset fork for 79mm trail and 635mm front center.
-41cm chainstays - to run a tire bigger than 2.1 or so, Lance will have to pull the sliders back a centimeter or two. That's the tradeoff when you want a pretty big chainring and short stays.
-315mm/12.2" BB height.
-Built for a 100mm fork, 27.2 post (Lance probably won't ever run a dropper for what he's going to ride), and 1x or SS drivetrain.
-Dropout inserts shown are just dummies, Lance will run a 142x12 axle on this bike.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pics from Jay and Steve, and Sarah is sick

I am hoping to do some work tomorrow and later in the week but Sarah is laid up sick and with a newborn and a 2 year old in the house... it might not be much! Just FYI, for those folks who are patiently tracking my progress down the waitlist.

Thanks to Jay and Steve for the pics.

New wave short stays and slack/big travel rig

Old school! We need some bar ends to really complete the look...

Monday, July 14, 2014

Photos from George

Not much to say for now, babies are a lot of work! Thanks to George for the pictures! Short and slack FTW - "I've gotta say that you nailed it!! The ride is ultra sweet!   It feels smoother than my Ti bike. Frame really soaks up trail vibration. First ride was on some of the rockiest trail around here, and it felt smooth as silk. I'm also impressed with the acceleration. It really moves out, and feels quite stable on downhills."

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Jones Pass w/Luis

13k feet at the high point on this badass ride... makes the Wasatch seem pretty puny, given that our "epic" rides top out around 10k.

Thanks to Luis for the pic.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Photos from Aaron

Alice passed her first checkup with flying colors, and Aaron sent some pictures of his 2005 or so vintage (he's the second/third owner?) WW with old-school Bushnell EBB, now with a new neon green paint job. 

Sunday, July 06, 2014

"It actually shreds! With aerobars!"

-said some crazy person named Mark.

I built this for Mark as a gravel/mountain/adventure/tour do-it-all with a belt drive, Rohloff/Alfine capability, and drop bars. The fear with do-everything bikes is that, well, instead of being fun, they will just suck equally at a lot of different stuff. But apparently not this time!

Don't expect tons of blog posts, I'm operating on minimal sleep and will just be posting quickies with pictures sent in by customers and friends for the time being. Yes, no rants. Sorry. Newborns take a lot of time, especially when mom can't really function yet after surgery.

Bottle cages as low as possible = more room for bags